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Medications and Treatments


The Best Cold and Flu Meds for You

What to take when you're feeling less than your best.   View slideshow


How to Pick an Over-the-Counter Cold Remedy

When you have a cold, it can be hard to sort through the dizzying array of over-the-counter cold medications. Here’s a guide to cold medications for adults (not kids!).   View slideshow


5 Ways to Tell If You Need an Antibiotic

Physicians often use a combination of experience and science when deciding to dole out an antibiotic. Here are five things most doctors take into consideration when making that decision.   View slideshow


10 Products to Help Your Sinuses

Sinuses killing you? Here are 10 products that can help ease the pain—or even stop your next sinus infection before it gets started.   View slideshow


Stuffy Nose? 14 Tips for Treating Kids' Colds

Treating a kid’s cold is trickier than ever. Follow these 14 steps to help your child get through the stuffy-headed misery.   View slideshow

Stuffy Nose? 5 Ways to Tell if You Need an Antibiotic

Antibiotics are useless for most respiratory infections
Think antibiotics are a quick fix for a stuffy nose, cough, and sore throat? You're not alone. But 90% of respiratory infection are caused by viruses, which are unaffected by antibiotics. How can you tell if your infection is truly antibiotics-worthy?  Read More

Why You Shouldn't Beg Your Doctor for an Antibiotic

Good reasons to leave empty handed
Cold symptoms? Your doctor may weigh the evidence and say you don't need an antibiotic. If you insist, chances are she'll give you one. But there are lots of good reasons to leave her office empty handed.  Read More

Sinus Infection Quiz

How Should You Treat a Sinus Infection?

Find out how much you know about your sinuses, how to prevent sinus infections, and what to do if you're in the midst of one.  Take Quiz

What You Should Know About Pseudoephedrine

Commonly found in nonprescription cold and allergy medications like Sudafed and Advil Cold & Sinus, pseudoephedrine eases stuffy noses by shrinking swollen blood vessels in your nasal passages.  Read More

Over-the-Counter Cold Medicine Update

Do the new decongestants work?
Don’t blame your stuffy head if you can’t find your usual decongestant on drugstore shelves.  Read More