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4 Secrets to Never Getting Sick

You don't have time to be knocked out by colds and flu. Here, everything you need to know to fend them off.   View slideshow


Stop a Cold in Its Tracks

The average adult gets three colds per year, each lasting an average of nine days. Here's how to beat back that virus before it beats you.   View slideshow

Nasal Washing Sounds Gross, but It Stopped My Sinus Infections

I eliminated my sinus infections by using a neti pot
Docs are on board with nasal irrigation to fight sinus infections: University of Michigan researchers have found that it’s more effective than saline sprays for limiting the severity and frequency of sinus problems. After years of sinus infections, I finally got a neti pot and started watering my nose like a geranium. Since then, I haven't had a single sinus infection. Find out how you can use a neti pot to stay healthy.  Read More

How to Fight Colds, Flus, and Infections at Any Age

Avoiding germy people and boosting your immunity helps
Your immune system naturally weakens as you age, so charging it up is crucial during cold-and-flu season. Here, an age-specific plan for optimum protection, from smarter workouts in your 30s, to extra sleep in your 40s, and extra antioxidants in your 50s. You can stay healthy despite daily contact with sneezing strangers and sick coworkers.  Read More

Can Vitamin C and Zinc Fight Colds?

Although vitamin C and zinc for cold prevention remain controversial, some studies show that C is especially helpful for people who are under extreme stress and that zinc can prevent viruses from multiplying.  Read More

14 Ways to Avoid Colds and Flu

Are you avoiding your co-worker with that hacking cough, cold, or flu in the cubicle next to you? Do you draw your hand back from every doorknob? Have cold-and-flu phobia? Get a grip before the grippe gets you.   Read More


30-Day Cold- and Flu-Prevention Calendar

Achoo! Follow these tips to boost your chance of staying healthy during cold and flu season—or at least minimizing your downtime if you don’t.   View calendar


How to Sick-Proof Your Winter

Stay healthy all season long with these sniffle-fighting solutions. Not a tea drinker? Any warm liquid—including chicken soup and fruit drinks—can help relieve cold and flu symptoms.   View slideshow


9 Ways to Stay Sniffle-Free

Boost immunity and kick germs to the curb with our guide to staying sniffle-free this season.   View slideshow


5 Most Common Myths About the Common Cold

Will going outside with wet hair make you sick? Find out if your favorite old wives' tale about the common cold, from "feed a cold, starve a fever" to "eat chicken soup," actually has a grain of truth.   View slideshow

Immunity Boosters for Cold and Flu Season

There’s an ever-expanding assortment to help you avoid getting sick.  Read More