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12 Secrets to Better Orgasms

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30 Days to More Satisfying Sex

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Celebrities and Sex Addiction

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I'm a Recovering Sex Addict

Although Jennifer never touched drugs or alcohol, she has an addiction all the same—sex addiction.
I had long affairs. I wanted sex, but I also wanted somebody’s soul, in this really ego-driven way. My life was a constant juggling act of at least two men, making sure they didn’t find out about each other. I was unfaithful to every boyfriend I ever had.  Read More

Can Hormone Replacement Boost My Sex Drive?

If you're older and find your sex drive is not what it used to be, you may consider replenishing hormones naturally depleted with age—estrogen for women past menopause and testosterone for men.  Read More


9 Web Destinations for Low Libido Sufferers Seeking Sexy Solutions and Expert Advice

  • Site: Consumer Reports
  • Who it's for: Anyone looking for causes of their declining sex drive
  • Why we like it: Scroll down to the second chart for a great visual that explains possible side effects caused by prescription medication or an underlying health disorder in men and women.

Video: Perspectives on Sex Drive