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Coping With Chronic Pain

How Women's Pain Differs from Men's

Women feel pain more intensely—and in higher numbers—than men, but it's not exactly clear why
The female body and mind process pain differently than a man’s. And these differences can affect every aspect of pain, from the physical sensation itself to how women cope with chronic pain and what treatments are likely to be most effective for them.  Read More


4 Ways to Keep Chronic Pain From Straining Your Friendships

Chronic pain patients offer a guide to handling problems with loved ones and friends.   View slideshow


6 Mistakes Pain Patients Make

Here's how to avoid the top six pain patient no-no's.   View slideshow

How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy When One of You Is in Pain

Patients share their struggles and successes with staying close
When you're in pain, your spouse can make it better, or he or she can make it worse. When you live with someone in pain, you know how difficult it can be to stay positive and supportive. Learn how to stay close and stay together through the pain...  Read More


Expert Jennifer Jaff Explains How to Manage Chronic Pain in the Workplace

 Jennifer Jaff,, Esq.
Jennifer Jaff,, Esq.
Executive director of Advocacy for Patients With Chronic Illness
Q: Should I mention my chronic pain condition in a job interview?

A: No. You have no legal obligation to mention it. If you do and you don't get the job, you're never going to know if that was part of the reason why. It's just not smart. Get the job first, and then if they fire you, you can say "This is why they fired me." Read More

Video: Perspectives on Coping With Chronic Pain