Statins and Other Drugs

Aspirin Can Cut Male Heart Attack Risk by More Than 30%

If you have heart disease and you're not taking it, you better have a good reason
The only serious heart medication that you can buy at a gas station, aspirin works wonders against heart disease. It's a potential lifesaver for anyone at risk for a heart attack...  Read More

Skipping Doses Can Be Dangerous for Heart Patients

Experts say this bad habit is a bigger threat than a fatty diet or stress
The American Heart Association recently announced the biggest threat to heart patients—and it's not cheese fries or stress. It is "patients' failure to take prescription medicines correctly..."  Read More

Which Statin Will Lower Your Cholesterol?

Even when you find one that works, it's no substitute for lifestyle changes
Lipitor (atorvastatin), Zocor (simvastatin), Crestor (rosuvastatin), and other statins can dramatically lower levels of artery-clogging cholesterol in the blood, an ability that makes them hugely popular in our cholesterol-rich country. Heart researchers have estimated that these drugs could save 1,000 lives each week for every 10 million high-risk heart disease patients who take them.  Read More

Prognosis for Heart Attack Patients May Depend on What's in the Medicine Cabinet

Experts say the decision to get on and stay on a statin, aspirin, or blood thinners could save your life
Whether you're trying to recover from a massive heart attack or hoping to mitigate your risk factors, the right prescription heart drug can put your goals within reach. In recent years doctors have hit upon effective combinations for the most common heart conditions...  Read More

Blood Pressure Medications

Prescription options to control high blood pressure
High blood pressure strains the heart and damages arteries. Those damaged spots tend to attract clumps of plaque, the stuff that can cause a heart attack. What's more, vessels in the brain can even burst under the pressure. Fortunately there are many different medications to bring pressure down...  Read More

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