Monitoring Your Blood Sugar


7 Ways to Make Blood-Sugar Testing Less Painful

You need to prick your finger to test your blood sugar at home. Here are 7 ways to make it less painful.   View slideshow


Expert Linda Siminerio Gives Advice About Home Blood Glucose Monitoring

 Linda Siminerio,, RN, PhD
Linda Siminerio,, RN, PhD
Executive director of the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute
Q: Can products like skin cream affect my reading?

A: Yes, they certainly can. Lotions, creams, and other substances on your hands can cause your meter to give an inaccurate reading. Even handling a sandwich can leave glucose on your fingertips, which would provide an abnormally high reading when you draw blood from your finger. Read More

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Blood Glucose Monitor

You can pick one that's faster, requires less blood, or records more data
Blood glucose monitors are devices—about the size of a cell phone or smaller—that are used to monitor your blood sugar at home...  Read More

5 Factors That Affect How Often You Need to Test Your Blood Sugar

You should test your blood sugar at home, but how often is enough? Well, it depends—mostly on your medication, you, and your doctor...  Read More

6 Things to Do If Your Blood Sugar Is Too High

Blood sugar is a tricky little beast. Yes, you can get a high reading if you threw caution to the wind and ate several slices of cake at a wedding. The problem is that you can also have a high blood sugar reading if you followed every rule in the type 2 diabetes handbook...  Read More


7 Websites with More Information on Blood Glucose Monitoring

  • Site: Blood Sugar 101
  • Who it's for: People looking for detailed information on blood sugar
  • Why we like it: Janet Ruhl, who has type 2 diabetes, answers basic questions about blood sugar and offers useful tips on getting blood sugar levels under control.

Video: Perspectives on Monitoring Your Blood Sugar