Choosing Treatment


Dr. Deborah L. Toppmeyer's Low-Stress Guide to Choosing Breast Cancer Treatment

Dr. Deborah L. Toppmeyer
Dr. Deborah L. Toppmeyer
Director of the New Jersey Comprehensive Breast Care Center
Q: How much time do I have to decide about treatment?

A: Waiting a couple of weeks after your diagnosis to decide what kind of surgery to have (and whether you want reconstruction, if that's an option) won't make a difference for the cancer's growth. It may be as much as six weeks after that before you're able to schedule the surgery. The key thing is not rush into any sort of treatment decision. Read More

Slideshow: My Breast Cancer Diary in Pictures

How I lost my breast, got a haircut, and won a big prize
Four months of chemo made my hair fall out, and one of the drugs made me temporarily lose feeling in my extremities. Sleeping was the best way to get through the day. Here I am with my boyfriend’s dog, Peso...  Read More

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Breast Cancer Treatment

It's partly about your cancer, partly about you
Your options for treating breast cancer generally include some combination of surgery, medication (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, Herceptin), and radiation—or sometimes just surgery alone...  Read More

When a Second Opinion Helps: One Woman's Mastectomy Decision

Twilah Richardson consulted several doctors on her surgery and follow-up treatment
The first time, Twilah was advised by a general surgeon to get a bilateral mastectomy, and she wanted to be quite sure there was no other option. "I wasn't prepared mentally to deal with a bilateral mastectomy." ...  Read More

Finding Good Breast Cancer Doctors

Ask people you know and trust
Take it from a nurse of 15 years: "What other staff say about doctors is pretty important," says Georgette Williams, 44, of Elysburg, Pa., who was herself diagnosed with stage IIB breast cancer in September 2007. When choosing your breast cancer doctors, ask people you know and trust.  Read More

How Important Is the Size of the Hospital Providing My Breast Cancer Treatment?

Bigger is often better when it comes to selecting a hospital for your breast cancer treatment, but that's not always the case.   Read More

Video: Perspectives on Choosing Treatment