Understanding Your Diagnosis


12 Tips From Dr. Amber Guth for Understanding Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Amber Guth
Dr. Amber Guth
Breast surgeon, New York University
Q: If my cancer is noninvasive, can I skip chemo?

A: Yes, you can skip it. In fact, chemotherapy is never used when breast cancer is noninvasive (also known as in situ because the cancer is trapped within the milk ducts and can’t spread outside your breasts). Hormones may be recommended for treatment, but it all depends on the specifics of your case. Read More

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Checklist

Your cancer details may trickle in, so take notes
It can be helpful to carry around a checklist of all the information you want to gather about your breast cancer diagnosis, because you’ll be seeing results from the various tests at different times...  Read More

Breast Cancer Coping Strategy No. 1: Research

What makes you feel better: Knowing or not knowing?
Information is a great soother for some women diagnosed with breast cancer. Violet Bergere, 80, who lives in California's San Fernando Valley, reached for the Web to find numbers, expert opinions, and medical facts...  Read More

What's Breast Cancer Staging Again? A Common Case of Information Overload

Karen Tommer just wanted to know the basics about her diagnosis
If the terminology of breast cancer staging doesn't make sense at first, you're not alone. There's plenty of time to find out—unless, like Karen Tommer, you're content to know just the basics.  Read More

Video: Perspectives on Understanding Your Diagnosis