Eating Healthy

4 Low-Sugar Food Swaps

Upgrade your meals (and cut calories!) with these super-filling trade-offs.
Diabetes has become an epidemic, affecting 29 million Americans. But here's the good news if you're concerned about your blood glucose: "One of the best ways to stay healthy is to make better food choices," says Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD, author of The Gene Therapy Plan. Try these trades to lower your blood sugar and pack more protective nutrients into every bite.  Read More


Your Eat-More-Veggies Plan

You’re probably eating the recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and veggies a day, right? Wrong. A 2009 survey found only 1 in 3 adults ate 2 or more servings a day. So figure out how much you’re eating now—then aim to double or triple it.   View calendar


8 Tips for Controlling Portion Sizes

Learning what a portion size actually is and consuming that amount is tricky. Here's how to get started.   View slideshow

Why People With Type 2 Diabetes Need Sugar-Substitute Savvy

You don't have to use them, but they can help cut calories
In the past, sugar—we're talking about sucrose, or common table sugar—was a "bad guy" to be avoided by people with type 2 diabetes. But research has shown that all carbohydrates (from sugar to bread, cereals, grains, juice, fruit, and starchy vegetables) can increase blood sugar (called glucose) in roughly the same way...   Read More


Tasty Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

Not all low-carb, low-sugar meals have to be tasteless. Check out this collection of recipes to find a dish perfect for every course.   View calendar


How to Count Carbs in 10 Common Foods

Carbohydrates are sugar-based molecules found in many foods, from cookies to cantaloupes. Planning your daily carb intake can help keep blood sugar on an even keel and cut the risk of complications.   View slideshow


Diabetes-Friendly Desserts

A diabetes diagnosis doesn't mean you have to give up sweets. Try these decadent desserts that modify your favorite recipes into treats that fit your diet.   View slideshow


5 Healthy Snacks for People With (or Without!) Diabetes

When your stomach starts to rumble, you need a snack that can curb your hunger without blowing your blood sugar.   View slideshow


Eat These Foods and Fight Diabetes

About 24 million Americans are believed to have diabetes, and nearly 6 million don’t know it. Another 57 million are thought to have prediabetes, a condition that boosts risks for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. What quick tricks can you try to avoid prediabetes and the real thing—or help treat either condition? Scientists have hit on three new techniques.   View slideshow


Expert Hope Warshaw Gives Advice on What to Eat if You Have Diabetes

 Hope Warshaw,, RD
Hope Warshaw,, RD
Nationally recognized diabetes nutrition expert
Q: Do I need to pay attention to the sugars on the nutrition facts label?

A: No. Pay attention to the total carbohydrates. The sugars content includes the amount of added and natural sugar in a serving. The amount of sugars are included within the total carbohydrate count, which is the key piece of information you need for planning meals and snacks. It's also important to pay attention to the serving size. Today's serving sizes are standardized by food-labeling regulations. Read More

How to Snack in the Right Way if You Have Type 2 Diabetes

The trick is knowing which foods make a good snack
If you have type 2 diabetes, you don't need to include snacks in your daily diet, unless you're on a type of medication, such as insulin or sulfonylureas, that can cause hypoglycemia...  Read More

Why Carbohydrates Are So Important in Diabetes

About 90% end up as glucose, so they have a big impact on blood sugar
Total carbohydrates food label
Carbohydrates are sugar-based molecules found in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products. The make up about 45% to 65% of calories in a healthy diet (the exact percentage is hotly debated); the rest come from fat and protein...  Read More

Type 2 Diabetes and Alcohol: Proceed With Caution

Alcohol usually causes blood sugar to drop, but it can raise it too
Hoping for a beer at the ball game, or a glass of wine with dinner? If you have type 2 diabetes, that's probably OK as long as your blood sugar is under control, you don't have any complications that are affected by alcohol (such as high blood pressure), and you know how the drink will affect your blood sugar, according to the American Diabetes Association...  Read More


How I Lost 100 Pounds After a Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

"I used to eat 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day, with a liter of Coke and lots of junk food"
I was born in Mexico, and my family came to the United States when I was six months old. When I was a small girl, my mother would boast that it was wonderful to live in a country where there was so much food. For breakfast she'd serve me a plate of four eggs, and I'd eat them all...  Read More


Candy, Carbs, Calories: 9 Food-Related Websites for People With Diabetes

  • Site: CalorieKing
  • Who it's for: Those curious about how many calories are on their plates
  • Why we like it: It has a free downloadable food search toolbar for Internet browsers. Just type in the food about to be eaten and get all its nutritional facts. There are also healthy, low-cal recipes and nutrition quizzes.

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