5 Ways to Cut Diabetes Costs

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  1. Try generics
    Why this helps: There are generic versions of Glucophage (metformin), and some of the sulfonylureas (insulin-producing drugs) are available in generic form as well.
  2. Call around
    Why this helps: Prices vary widely among different medications and often from one pharmacy to the next. Call around and see which pharmacies offer the best deals.
  3. Research blood-sugar monitors
    Why this helps: If you switch to a store-brand blood-sugar monitor, you can greatly cut your costs. A 100-count box of Walgreens test strips costs $52.99, for example, which is roughly half the price of a box of strips for many name-brand monitors on the market.
  4. Get mail-order discounts
    Why this helps: Some insurers offer discounts of as much as 33% on co-pays if you order a 90-day supply through the mail rather than refill your prescriptions at a retail pharmacy each month. This can result in considerable savings for insulin as well as medications such as Byetta. Ask your insurance provider what mail-order discounts, if any, are available through your health plan.
  5. Lose weight
    Why this helps: Studies show that blood-sugar levels and insulin resistance can decrease with weight loss. Getting rid of excess weight may reduce your need for medication, therefore reducing your expenses.
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Compiled by: Shuka Kalantari
Last Updated: September 12, 2008

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