97 Reasons to Quit Smoking

72. Stop being a horrible influence on children.
Children of smokers are twice as likely to smoke.

73. As we said, you'll stop being a horrible influence on children.
Exposure to secondhand smoke, even low amounts, hurts kids' cognitive skills and is linked to increased behavioral problems.

74. Your children will even have healthier teeth, for crying out loud.
Children raised in houses where one or both adults smoke are more likely to develop tooth decay.

75. Your mouth will be better off too.
Smoking compromises saliva flow and function. Saliva is important for cleaning the lining of the teeth and mouth and protecting teeth from decay.

76. You'll look better in front of a judge.
Secondhand smoke, also called environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), can have an adverse impact on child-custody decisions.

77. Preserve your eyesight.
Exposure to cigarette smoke doubles your risk of developing macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.

78. If you quit, it will be easier for your partner to quit.Several studies have found that it's harder to quit when you live with someone who smokes.

79. No more huffing and puffing during workouts.
Cigarette smoking causes carbon monoxide to seep into your blood, which limits the amount of oxygen it can carry to your heart, lungs, and muscles.

80. Save money on dry cleaning.
Quitters will no longer have to pay to remove the stench of smoke from their sweaters and sport coats.

81. Broaden your online dating options.
Sites aimed at smokers, like datingforsmokers.com ("Light up your love life"), are a bit limiting.

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Last Updated: January 28, 2010

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