The Best Websites About Snoring, Sleep Apnea, and CPAP Therapy

Sleep apnea can be a frightening concept, and many sufferers are afraid to—or dont realize they should—seek help. Even after a diagnosis, you may be frustrated and confused: Suddenly you have questions about treatment, equipment, and related health concerns. To help you find the answers you need, weve combed the Web for the most helpful, up-to-date, and reputable online resources. Follow the links below for useful shopping tips, in-depth explanations, and connections to the sleep apnea community—and bookmark this page now so you can refer back later.

SiteWho It's ForWhy We Like It
University of Maryland Medical CenterAnyone who suspects they have sleep apneaThis sleep apnea questionnaire is short (just five questions), but it weighs the high-risk factors for sleep apnea and gives you solid information to take to your doctor.
SleepEducation.comAnyone who's curious about what sleep apnea's really likeThe American Academy of Sleep Medicine's comprehensive patient site follows a patient (and his wife) as he goes from denial to seeing a doctor to getting treatment. It's a great story that might help sufferers find hope.
Apnea Support ForumAll sleep apnea sufferersYou don't have to pay or register to get access to this open bulletin board, where visitors can ask questions, read other users' success stories, and learn about new trends.
CPAP TalkSleep apnea sufferers who use, or may need to use, CPAP equipmentIt's a community where users can talk about their experience and learn about others who are on CPAP and similar machines.
Talk About SleepCyber chattersWhile many websites offer chat rooms, there's no guarantee they'll be occupied. To guarantee visitors, this site offers a calendar with scheduled two-hour moderated chats at least once a day during most weekdays.
YouTubeConcerned spouses or bed partnersNick is a real person with real sleep apnea. This short clip of him sleeping—filmed by his concerned wife—is a great barometer for those who wonder if they too have sleep apnea. (Don't worry, he eventually gets help!)
CPAP.comCPAP newbiesThis site features dozens of videos that show exactly how to use different treatment options.
CPAP CentralAnyone with a CPAP machineThe American Academy of Sleep Medicine packs this site with credible news and information about sleep apnea and CPAP therapy, including a Solving Problems section and stories from doctors, patients, and bed partners.
CPAP.comSmart shoppersThis comparison chart provides a side-by-side look at price, size, and features of the leading CPAP machines. You can buy directly from the site, too.
Compiled by: Lisa Freedman
Last Updated: April 17, 2008

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