When Your Doctor Won't Prescribe Narcotics: Tips for Getting the Pain Relief You Need

Doctors need to increase their awareness
Andrea Cooper, 52, of Phoenix, Md., who suffers from fibromyalgia and spinal degeneration, has felt the stigma of narcotic use. "The last pain specialist I had, I just hated it. There were signs up all over the office about rules and limitations. All about being suspicious of the patients. Not the way medicine ought to be practiced. I found it insulting."

Adds Jan, 45, a chronic pain sufferer in Boulder, Colo.: "I think doctors have to be able to distinguish between the people who can handle it and those who can't—and help the people who can."

If you're having difficulties with your doctor
If a physician, for whatever reason, is uncomfortable writing prescriptions for opioids—whether it's a new prescription or a refill—patients can ask for a referral to a pain specialist. Pain specialists can also be located through online directories below.

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Last Updated: May 18, 2008

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