15 Websites That Can Help You Cope With Diabetes Every Day

Want to chat with other folks living with diabetes? Check out the links below to join discussion forums about everything from coping with stress to preparing for travel. We've also added links to our favorite diabetes blogs, as well as sites for buying hip gear for diabetes care.

SiteWho It's ForWhy We Like It
LOL DiabetesThose who could use a good laughLaughing out loud is an inevitable result of reading these posts, filled with witty comments and funny real-life photos.
dLifeAnyone who wants to read and comment on wide range of other diabetes-related postsThis community—more like a small city—is a place where people with diabetes can gather for information, advice, and a chance to exchange personal stories with others.
Diabetes MinePeople with diabetes and those who love themAmy Tenderich, who has type 1 diabetes, blogs about everything from new diabetes research and news to healthful, diabetes-friendly recipes.
Six Until MeLevity seekersBlogger Kerri Morrone offers the positive, and often humorous, side of living with type 1 diabetes. Morrone chats about anything from misplacing test strips in her camera bag to forgoing cheese steaks in Philly.
TuDiabetesPeople who want to join a virtual diabetes communityThis site has various forums, videos, and groups for veteran diabetics and newbies alike. TuDiabetes is available in both English and Spanish.
Diabetic TravelerTravelers with diabetesTraveling for business or pleasure? Diabetic Traveler is great site to check out for traveling tips.
DivabeticThose who want to doll it upWant diabetes advice with style? Divabetics is a diabetes outreach organization that's especially for women. The organization sponsors "Makeover Your Diabetes" events around the country in conjunction with insulin manufacturer Novo Nordisk.
Diabetes DailyAnybody diagnosed with diabetesThis forum for diabetics and their friends and families can help you connect with people like you. You can also find the latest news on diabetes and read what's on the minds of diabetes bloggers.
Diabetes HealthAnyone with an active dating or sex lifeDiabetes Health magazine has more on diabetes, dating and your sex life.
Courage BagFashionable folks packing diabetes gearBesides looking cool, Courage Bags have cold storage containers for insulin and removable compartments to stash other equipment.
Pump WearChildren and adults alike who want insulin gearThis site offers fashionable and comfortable clothes that accommodate insulin pumps (satin pump pocket, $19.99), as well as T-shirts, tank tops, and purses.
Caring TodayAnyone who has a loved one with diabetesFor help managing your child's, friend's, or family member's diabetes, visit the website of Caring Today, a magazine for family caregivers.
University of WashingtonThose looking for strategies for coping with diabetesThe University of Washington's page offers tips on living with this chronic illness.
National Diabetes Information ClearinghouseAnyone with insurance—or withoutThis National Institutes of Health page provides information on financial assistance for people living with diabetes. It describes services through Medicaid, Medicare, and other government programs and gives useful advice on finding health care after leaving a job.
The Hormone FoundationThose who want to make their voices heard about health-care policyType in your zip code and this site (in conjunction with the Endocrine Society) provides contact info for your federal legislators, enabling you to show your support—or lack thereof—for health acts and proposals.
Last Updated: April 15, 2008

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