Candy, Carbs, Calories: 9 Food-Related Websites for People With Diabetes

Healthy eating is essential, particularly if you have diabetes. But what are the right foods to eat? How do you prepare them? If your goal is to be healthy and lose weight—or just get in shape—follow the links below for diabetes-friendly recipes, useful nutritional information, and even a site that tells you how many calories are on your plate.

SiteWho It's ForWhy We Like It
CalorieKingThose curious about how many calories are on their platesIt has a free downloadable food search toolbar for Internet browsers. Just type in the food about to be eaten and get all its nutritional facts. There are also healthy, low-cal recipes and nutrition quizzes.
Diabetic CandyAnyone who can't kick that sweet toothSugar-free and diabetic-friendly sweets—including cookies, chocolates, and candies—are available for purchase on this site as well as nutritional info for each of the products.
Diabetic Gourmet MagazineAnyone who likes to spice up their mealsHaving diabetes doesn't mean you cant eat gourmet. This site is full of delicious recipes and helpful news like how to steer clear of trans fats.
TuDiabetesAnyone who wants to go rawWant to maintain a healthy raw food diet? This forum has various discussions on the ins and outs of a raw food diet for diabetics.
dLifeAnyone who wants info on diabetes nutritiondLife has a large section on food and nutrition, including recipes and opportunities to interact with other diabetics.
Overeaters AnonymousPeople who want support with controlling their weightOvereaters Anonymous caters to people who think they have a problem with addictive food patterns. In-person, online, and telephone meetings are available.
Delicious DecisionsFor anyone with an affinity for cookingThis website, from the American Heart Association, offers shopping tips and recipes to help you turn all the advice you hear about heart-healthy eating into meals that you and your family will enjoy.
American College of PhysiciansAnyone looking to eat rightThis American College of Physicians' patient guide has tips on how to eat right along with other aspects of diabetes management. There's also a body-mass-index calculator.
National Institutes of HealthThose who want thorough details of a diabetic's dietThis site has an interactive meal-planning guide and healthy recipes to manage diabetes.
Last Updated: April 15, 2008

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