7 Websites with More Information on Blood Glucose Monitoring

Monitoring your blood sugar at home is an important—and sometimes confusing—task. Check out these sites for more information about blood sugar monitoring as well as great tips on how to find the right glucose monitor and how to keep your blood glucose level.

SiteWho It's ForWhy We Like It
Blood Sugar 101People looking for detailed information on blood sugarJanet Ruhl, who has type 2 diabetes, answers basic questions about blood sugar and offers useful tips on getting blood sugar levels under control.
SugarStatsAnyone who wants to track their food, activities, and medicationsThis site helps you electronically monitor blood sugar and lifestyle habits. It's free to track and graph glucose readings, medications, and test results. Tracking tools for food and carbohydrate intake and physical activity are available for a fee.
The Diabetes Blood Sugar SolutionsThose seeking solutions to their blood sugar woesAt this one-stop site, certified diabetes educator Bev Madrick provides tips on how to choose blood sugar monitors and measure meter accuracy.
TuDiabetesPeople who want to talk to others about continuous glucose monitoringThis forum is specifically geared towards discussions of continuous glucose monitoring.
Diabetes MallAnyone looking for a glucose monitorThe Diabetes Mall has a buyer's guide with detailed information on different glucose monitoring devices, including test strips.
Diabetes MonitorThose unfamiliar with glucose monitoringLinks to sites providing different monitors, including the new continuous monitors, are available at this site.
Diabetes HealthPeople who need help controlling their blood sugarThis site from Diabetes Health magazine contains blood-sugar-related articles, information on different blood glucose monitoring devices, and the latest in glucose-related news. You can also sign up for a Blood Sugar RSS feed, if you're so inclined.
Last Updated: April 17, 2008

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