5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Antidepressants

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  1. How will you make a decision about which antidepressant I should use?
    Why you should ask this question: If you have been on antidepressants before or have a first-degree relative who has had success with an antidepressant, your doctor should start there. Research suggests there is a genetic component to responding to depression treatment.
  2. What side effects should I be aware of, and which should I call you about?
    Why you should ask this question: Depending on what type of mood disorder you have, side effects could make your symptoms worse.
  3. Is there a generic medication that would work just as well?
    Why you should ask this question: Brand names often have a larger co-pay, and some insurance drug plans only cover generic versions.
  4. How much time should we wait before we decide a drug is not working?
    Why you should ask this question: You should know whether your doctor plans to increase the dosage or switch you to another medication, and in what time frame, if the one you are taking doesn't work.
  5. How do you define "successful" drug therapy?
    Why you should ask this question: The goal should be complete remission of symptoms, with regular checkups to assess your progress.
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Last Updated: April 22, 2008

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