31 No-Stress Holiday Entertaining Tips

No need to run yourself ragged over the holidays. Try these tips for simple, elegant holiday entertaining.
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Stop trying to be perfect

Here's a shocker: Women in the U.S. find holidays stressful, says the American Psychological Association. "Of course they do," says Julie de Azevedo Hanks, author of The Burnout Cure. "There's the pressure to have a 'great time,' the expectations that everything from entertaining to family travel will go flawlessly," she says. It's All. Just. Too. Much. Don't get your holiday apron in a bunch the day after Halloween. "Start the season being realistic about how things are going to turn out," she says. "Don't get your heart set on Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner going perfectly, or the notion that everyone will be ecstatic about the gifts you've given them."