31 No-Stress Holiday Entertaining Tips

No need to run yourself ragged over the holidays. Try these tips for simple, elegant holiday entertaining.
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Be a freeze whiz

A few weeks before the actual holiday or entertaining event, make one "freezable" item each week and pull those out on the day, says Sue Ann Gleason, a culinary nutritionist and founder of D.C.-based Consciousbitesnutrition.com. "Dessert, homemade cranberry sauce, butternut squash soup—even mashed potatoes—can be frozen," she says. "You'll feel so much less stress if you have part of the meal already prepared!" Julie Morgan, a new mom in Atlanta, bakes and freezes cookies, quick breads, and treats at the start of the holiday season. "Then they are all ready to pull out for last-minutes or to take to parties," she says.