Erin Andrews: On Staying Energized, Working Out, and Being Outspoken

Erin Andrews has a knack for getting famous folks to divulge something interesting. Luckily for us, she's equally great at giving no-BS answers

James White
How did you keep your cool during the Richard Sherman interview and aftermath, when the media went crazy?

My biggest fear during that whole thing was not asking the proper follow-up question. I was like, "I better do this well, or I'm going to be absolutely ripped to shreds by the media." I knew he was talking about Michael Crabtree, but I was thinking, Do I try to change the subject? Do I mention Michael Crabtree? And then he just kind of gave me a layup. My phone obviously blew up afterward. My friend Chrissy Teigen was like, "Oh my God, that face you made was so you." Not panicking during that whole thing came from years and years of good training.

What kind of skills help?

I feel like a spy half the time. In the NFL, we can't report on injuries until the NFL has said what the injury is, but I hear so much stuff, like, in the huddles, a player saying, "I just ripped my knee—I'm done." I've gotten really good at lipreading, and my boyfriend hates that!

What do you do to maintain your energy and mood?

Working out is a main one. I just feel bad about myself if I don't, because I like to eat, and I like to have a few cocktails. I need an hour where I can just sweat my brains out and get a break from everyone.

Do you use a trainer?

I don't, and I never have. And if I worked out by myself—because I'm so ADD—I'd check my phone, look in the mirror and pick a zit. So I need a class because there are other people there pushing me. If I see a woman who's pregnant, or older, and she's doing more reps than me, it's like, "Wait a second..." I love Physique 57 [for which she created a workout video]—I've found that changes my body the most. I've always been tall and lean, but everybody has their issues. I've got saddlebags and a rear end that was always kind of flat and wide. Physique 57 is lots of squats and stuff for your inner and outer thighs.

Have any of the athletes given you workout tips?

One NHL coach told me something I took to heart. He said, "Whenever you land at the away team's city, don't lie on the hotel bed. Grab your gym clothes and head straight to the gym. If you start watching TV, you're not gonna get up. Go on the treadmill, or just walk around."

Do you have a go-to breakfast?

I'm not gonna lie—I love the all-American breakfast, with scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns, but I can't have that every day. We do a lot of Vitamix smoothies at our house: frozen fruit, almond milk, vitamins and some peanut butter.

Any bad food habits you finally kicked?

As gross as it sounds, I used to be a soda girl. I would pound soda on the sidelines just to stay caffeinated. It's amazing how much weight I was able to lose once I stopped with those drinks.

How do you feel about cosmetic tweaks?

I've never done it, but I'm curious about all of it. I've seen great work, and I think we've all seen bad. I'm very afraid of doing anything; I feel like I would be obsessive about it, like, "Wait, does this look real?" I'm sure there will be a time in my life when I'll want to look into it, but it's just not right now.

When do you feel sexy?

Oh God. I never look at myself like that. I feel good about myself after I'm done working out, but I'm definitely not at my sexiest. I think maybe it's at the end of the night, after a football game or Dancing with the Stars, and I'm able to take everything off and just be in a sweatshirt and a pair of boy shorts. Because that's me: casual, wearing cotton.

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Last Updated: August 05, 2014

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