Sarah Michelle Gellar's Secrets to a Healthy Life

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On a soundstage in Los Angeles, Sarah Michelle Gellar, 34, has just finished filming a scene for her new CW show, Ringer. We sit on a couch on set, a well-thumbed script beside her. Still in an olive gown and full makeup, shes ready for her next scene—oh, except for the pair of white Nikes on her feet. Its a perfect illustration of how this working mom (of 2-year-old Charlotte) and wife (of nine years, to Freddie Prinze Jr.) manages both sides of her life.

Much like the twins she plays on TV, she has twin personas: "Im Sarah Michelle Gellar when Im at work," she says, "and Im Sarah Prinze when Im not." As the crew sets up the next shot, Sarah talks about her healthy food obsession, why she naps during lunch, and the "weekends off" rule she credits for keeping her happy.

Q: How do you think growing up in New York City affected who you are today?
A: I think, automatically, you look at the world differently if yourefrom a big city. Youre never bored, you dont stay home, youre always on your feet. I think it generates type A personalities.

Q: What are your favorite workouts?
A: I like anything outdoors. But Im just as happy on a treadmill. I love Pilates. I grew up with, and I still have, major scoliosis. Growing up in Manhattan, you had your schoolbag, but we were so trend-conscious, nobody wanted to put a backpack on both shoulders, so almost all the girls I grew up with have it to some degree, because we all were so lopsided. So Pilates not only is a great exercise,but does relieve a lot of discomfort.

Q: How did you keep fit when you were pregnant?
A: Well, I went into labor at the Pilates gym.

Q: You didnt!
A: And it was funny, too, because I was getting cranky, and I said to my trainer, "Im just cranky today." She was like, "Maybe its because youre going to give birth!" And I was like, "Nah, not yet." It turned out I was in labor, I didnt realize.

Q: Have you changed your workout since you started Ringer?
A: Ha, ha, um, if you count walking from Stage 3 to Stage 16! No. If anything, its downgraded. And I made sure that my body was strong before we started, because these hours are really difficult.

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Last Updated: September 13, 2011

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