Last updated: Oct 04, 2010

By Sarah

Guess what? I'm doing a triathlon in a couple of months! It's a "sprint" triathlon: 400 meter swim, 14-mile bike ride, and 3-mile run. I had just started to poke around online for training plans when I got selected for this program, and as it happens, my trainer Michael is a triathlete (talk about lucky coincidences).

He jumped right on board to get me started out on the right foot: He and I volunteered at a triathlon this past weekend so I could see how it works, check out people's transition strategies, and get excited for my own big event. It was really an inspiring day.

There were competitors of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and the fastest ones were often not who I expected them to be. I also developed a little bit of gear-envy, but I suppose I ought to do one triathlon with my trusty old bike and helmet before I start to entertain the thought of buying a fancy, expensive triathlon bike or wacky, pricey pointed triathlon helmet like this one!

My workout plan so far this month has involved doing strength training with Michael twice a week and then biking, running, or swimming four other days per week. Six days a week of exercise!!

It has been really hard to find the time and energy to fit it all in, but I'm doing my best. It's a strange sensation to be a little bit sore pretty much all the time—it sort of makes me realize, "Whoa, there are muscles in there," and I've become super-aware of everything my body feels.

For example, I noticed yesterday that shaving my legs requires a motion almost exactly like a split squat (ouch!). I can feel precisely which part of my shoulders are being used when I open a sticky window. And I've gotten more sensitive to the fact that my flip-flops don't support my feet and my old mattress doesn't support my back.

Hopefully as I get stronger I won't be sore all the time. And in the meantime, I'm keeping an eye out for sales at Sleepy's!