Last updated: Oct 04, 2010

By Sarah

Hello from sunny California! Turns out the first week of the feel great weight program coincided with my week-long birthday vacation to LA. As if this weren't already going to be a challenge!

Before I left, I was able to meet with the nutritionist, Marissa, and my trainer, Michael. Marissa gave me some simple, helpful goals including, maximizing fruits and vegetables in each meal and trimming my portion sizes down a bit. Michael recommended I try to get in some swimming or running, and gave me a short strength workout I could do on my own (mainly squats, lunges, pushups, etc).

Right off the bat, I managed to drop the ball food-wise. Every day, I've had lunch plans with someone, dinner plans with someone else, and a concert or other outing with drinks. It's so hard for me to order a salad when there are so many other more delicious options!!

I'm a little disappointed in myself, but I do think I've made a few choices throughout the week that were smarter than they would have been if I hadn't been trying at all. Also I've forced myself to write down every single thing I've eaten or drunk for the whole week, no matter how appalling.

On a more positive note, I'm pretty proud of how much I've been able to exercise on vacation. I went for a hike my first day, did a couple swims, and visited the West Hollywood Equinox (gorgeous!) to have a run on the treadmill and do the workout Michael assigned me.

And yesterday, my birthday, I went to Richard Simmons' Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills to take his "Sweat" class. Oh my goodness, what fun! It was 60 minutes of cardio (lots of leg lifting, jumping, and dancing), followed by 30 minutes of arms and abs, followed by...Richard and the rest of the class singing me happy birthday! Unreal. I didn't stop smiling the whole time, even when I turned the wrong way and bumped into the guy next to me.

I'm headed back to NYC tomorrow, and am looking forward to being at home where I can control my own food and really focus on eating right and starting my training program with Michael.