Last updated: Sep 07, 2010

• When choosing shampoo and conditioner, look for thickening formulas that plump the hair shaft. Plus, avoid conditioner on your roots.

• Faux dry. Soak up oils while adding body with dry shampoo. Simply spray the product at the roots, fluff with your fingers, and brush it out. Its a true miracle worker.

• Tease it! Using a fine-tooth comb on dry hair, tease at the roots, then use a little hair spray for added hold.

• Direct heat at roots when blow-drying. For sky-high results, apply mousse, gel, or spray gel into damp hair before applying heat.

• Add bounce with hot rollers. Hint: The larger the diameter of the roller, the more volume you will get.

• Dont like the oil-slick look? Keep your hands to yourself. The more you touch your hair, the greasier it gets.