The Realness of Felicity Star Keri Russell

Hollywood party girl? Don’t look at Keri Russell. This star is happiest biking, doing Pilates, and running after her 2-year-old son.

Q: How do you keep your energy up?
A: When I have time, working out really helps. Anything—walking, going for a run, Pilates—whatever theres time for. I feel endlessly better when I do that.

Q: Whats your fitness regimen?
A: My favorite thing, especially living in Brooklyn, is that I got a bike recently, and I ride it everywhere—to get groceries, the farmers market, to the park. Shane and I even biked into [Manhattan] a few times to meet friends for dinner. Also, we do dance parties at the house with River.

Q: Would you consider having another baby?
A: Yes! Were not there yet, but its totally a possibility. Although, I just ran into a friend of mine, and I said, “Hows the second baby?” And she said, “You have two, you might as well have 300.” [Laughs.]

Q: Even before you had River, you took breaks from your career to just hang out. Why is downtime important? And does your agent understand?
A: Theyre so used to me disappearing! Im just interested in a lot of things, and I like my alone time. If it were up to me, Id love to work once or twice a year. But Im not a gazillionaire, and I do have a house payment.

Q: We also never see you barfing out of a limo.
A: Theres still time! Dont count me out just yet.

Q: But, honestly, are you just someone who craves alone time?
A: Its true. If Im at a dinner party and its getting too crazy, I always have a moment where I just lock myself in the bathroom and breathe for a while.

Q: Youve said its embarrassing seeing photos of yourself in full makeup. Why?
A: I think sometimes when people do full makeup on me, I look like a little kid trying to dress up. I dont think I look my best like that. [Laughs.] I think I look sort of silly.

Q: So running around town, you wear …
A: I like my concealer, my lip balm, and mascara.

Q: I read somewhere that you said its sad when young girls think they have nothing to offer other than being pretty. Can you explain?
A: I have no idea when I said that, but I have a feeling it was during Felicity. Because one of the most fun parts of doing that character was that I never had to be the pretty girl. Im never the girl at the dinner party wearing the tight dress and the high heels. Its stressful to be someones version of beautiful. I feel much more comfortable being silly. As a girl you grow up and you want to be so attractive, and, truthfully, if you take that out of the equation and you just do what youre interested in, youre usually more attractive, anyway.

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Jancee Dunn
Last Updated: February 18, 2010

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