All About Dr. Oz's New TV Show

Three things Dr. Oz wants you to know about his new TV show and your health.

Teresa Hogan

After 5 years as the health expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz kicks off a daily show Sept. 14. Watch the show at (or find listings for the syndicated program in local TV market). Here's what he wants you to know about the show:

Go to his show...
And you may end up on stage. “It feels like a big party with experts teaching people dancing, yoga, pull-ups, all on stage. We also have a segment called ‘Ask Dr. Oz, where you can ask me a question on anything—nutrition, fitness, staying young, relationships, stress, money, parenting.”

Dr. Oz may knock on your door
“We have lots of segments where we go into peoples homes and get involved in their lives and find out how we can help.”

You get more than facts
“Just knowing that smoking can cause lung cancer is never enough to make a smoker quit,” Dr. Oz says. “You have to reach people emotionally, too, which is what Oprah does so well. Im excited to connect with audience members. I want to inspire them to make life-changing behaviors.”
Mindy Berry Walker
Last Updated: August 19, 2009

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