Quiz Answers: Sex and Teens

You've taken the quiz; now here are the answers.

You've taken the quiz; now here are the answers.

1. Which of the following can play a role in causing cervical cancer?

All of the above

Almost all cervical cancer tumors contain one of five high-risk types of HPV, which are strongly linked to cervical cancer. But a weakened immune system—as may be caused by HIV—can also lead to the disease. Smoking can prolong periods of HPV infection, during which cervical cells become abnormal and potentially cancerous. Even secondhand smoke can increase the risk of cells becoming cancerous. In women who dont smoke, cervical cell changes are more likely to go away on their own.

2. True or false: Your teenage daughter must get your permission before her doctor can prescribe the Pill.


She has a right to privacy when it comes to her reproductive medical care, according to the Center for Reproductive Rights, even if she is under 18. So if you want to know what birth control decisions your daughter is making, youll have to talk to her, not her doctor.

3. The best time for a girl or woman to get the HPV vaccine is:

Before she becomes sexually active

The vaccine works best before there is any chance of a sexually transmitted HPV infection. However, it is also approved for girls as young as 9 and recommended for women up to 26 who did not receive it when they were younger.

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Last Updated: October 16, 2008

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