Kristin Davis: Her Healthy Life Secret

As global ambassador for Oxfam International, Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis is a tireless champion for women and children in need.

Q. Youre 43, and you look 30. Whats your secret?

A. Thank you. I dont know. My mom looks great for her age, so I think genetics has a lot to do with it. Also, I dont drink, I dont smoke, and I love my Ahava sunscreen.

Q. You dont drink at all?

A. No, Im a recovering alcoholic. Ive never hid it, but Ive been sober the whole time Ive been famous, so it wasnt like I had to go to rehab publicly.

Q. So you pretend to sip Cosmos.

A. Its caused a lot of confusion out in the world. I get sent many a Cosmo! I never drink them. I believe [alcoholism] is a disease. I dont think you can mess with it. There was a time when people who didnt know me well would say, “Couldnt you just have one glass of champagne?” And I would say, “No.” Im doing well. I still have occasional bad days. Why risk it?

Q. The SATC characters are admittedly fashion-obsessed. Do you like to shop?

A. Theres not a Prada collection I dont enjoy! But sometimes Im like, “Do I really need another pair of shoes? No.”

Q. You play a character whose No. 1 goal in life is to marry and have children. Do you relate?

A. Well, obviously not! If that were true, Id be miserable right now. But I can relate to feeling the pressure society puts on a person. My family has never been focused on that for me. Id love to have children, though. Id also love to adopt a child—I think about it a lot.

Q. Would you consider going Angelina Jolies route and adopting from abroad?

A. After my first trip, my friends asked, “Wheres the baby?” And I said, “We didnt go to any orphanages,” which doesnt mean I wasnt tempted. But Id see children who were being cared for by their grandmothers and older siblings, and I wouldnt want to take them away from that. Also, Im working on myself. If Im going to be a single mother, I dont want to take it lightly.

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Jennifer Graham Kizer
Last Updated: May 13, 2008

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