Summer Fat-Burners

Our sneaky little tips and tricks will make it fun to get moving again.

Having trouble putting down the lemonade and dragging yourself outside to burn some calories? Youre not alone, says Richard M. Ryan, PhD, professor of pyschology, psychiatry, and education at the University of Rochester. Whether youll stick to an exercise routine, he says, depends on how motivated you are—and its easy to have a motivation meltdown in summer. Thats where we come in. Our sneaky little tips and tricks will make it fun to get moving again.

1. Buddy up
Make friends at the gym or join a Girls Gotta Move running club at Your exercise partners will give you a hard time when you miss a few days, which helps keep you accountable. Other buddies who can help you get moving: that hyperactive dog who needs to be run every day or the friend or co-worker who asked you to help her slim down for her summer wedding. Knowing someones relying on you is a real motivator, too.

2. Try something new
Sample a different class at your gym (we like Hula Hoop Pilates classes at Crunch in L.A.; Or, map out a fresh running or walking route at (click on “Americas Running Routes”). If youre not strength-training yet, heres a good reason to give it a try: Researchers at Arizona State University found that if you lift weights, youll burn extra calories for up to two hours postworkout.

3. Set goals—and reward yourself
Aim to run or walk a certain number of miles per week, says personal trainer and Healths running coach Jenny Hadfield. Then reward yourself with a massage or new piece of fitness gear when you achieve your goal. Or, after a tough morning gym workout, pick up your favorite latte on the way home or to the office.

4. Downsize
Buy your favorite jeans in the size you want to be, then hang them up where youll see them every day; try them on at the end of every week to gauge your progress. Or, take pictures of yourself each week to see how your body keeps changing for the better.

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Last Updated: July 01, 2007

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