Ten Waist-Slimming Foods for Your Grocery Cart

Add these ten waist-slimming foods to your grocery cart for maximal nutrition benefits.

I consider myself a pretty savvy food shopper. I know enough about healthy eating to choose whole-grain bread rather than white, skim milk instead of whole, oatmeal over sugar-laden cereal. And I read labels as carefully as the next health-conscious gal. But what about foods that have confusing labels—or no labels at all?

“Smart shoppers often get tripped up by seemingly healthy foods that are lacking in vitamins and nutrients or are relatively high in calories or fat,” says Lauren Slayton, RD, founder of Foodtrainers, a nutrition-counseling center in New York City. In an effort to give my weekly haul a nutritional boost, I handed its contents over to the expert. Slaytons suggested trade-offs took my groceries from just OK to amazingly good-for-me.

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Brett Hill
Last Updated: February 09, 2009

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