Last updated: Mar 04, 2008

I know youre busy. Me, too: In my case, its three kids, a husband, a restaurant, a Food Network show, and several book projects. Theres a constant river of meals to be cooked, beds to be made, phone calls to return, recipes to write, and diapers to be changed. So I think we both could use a little pampering time just for ourselves, in the form of a special dessert thats easy to make. Ive created these recipes to help me pause and savor my sweet life. Why not reward yourself for all you do, too?

It's still rich, but we cut the calories by half and the fat by a third.


Make your way to the bottom of one of these little treats, and you'll find a surprise: a vanilla wafer.


These light cookies create a beautiful dessert presentation topped with yogurt and strawberries.