How the Stars Get And Stay Slim: Private Chefs Dish Up the Goods

From Health magazine
We've all seen celebrities show up on the red carpet two weeks after giving birth, looking oh-so-svelte in their designer gowns. We've heard all about the stars' parties, where food and drink of every kind tempts them. And we know just how hard it would be on our waistlines if we lived the A-list life. So how do Julia and Jennifer and J. Lo manage to stay slim amid the luxe life? A key ingredient: their celebrity chefs.

Every star's got one—the woman or man responsible for keeping her ready for her close-ups and for policing her plate for dietary digressions, all while catering to her whims (reasonable and not-so). We cajoled some of Hollywood's top food folks into spilling it all: the superslimming secrets, the stars' biggest cravings, the outrageous demands, and more.

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Amy Spencer
Last Updated: December 22, 2008

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