How They Became the Biggest Loser

Three women spill their secrets on how they lost up to 80 pounds by following a personalized Biggest Loser plan via the show’s online companion.

Meet three women who followed a personalized Biggest Loser plan via the show's online companion (—and have impressive weight-loss stats to show for it.

Tricia Milligan
Age: 37 Lost 45 pounds in 11 months "I never approached this as a diet, with a beginning and an end," Milligan says. "It was a lifestyle change." She loads up on salad before enjoying portion-controlled favorites like lasagna and puts a small serving of snacks like chips into a bowl instead of mindlessly dipping into the bag.

Heather Schmidt
Age: 32 Lost 80 pounds in 8 months Surprisingly, snacking on cookies, chocolate, and ice cream helped Schmidt lose her weight. "The fact that small treats were part of my daily eating plan helped me stick with it," she says.

Theresa Pucket
Age: 38 Lost 80 pounds in 11 months Pucket documented her weight-loss progress with monthly pictures she'd post in her bathroom. "Sometimes it's hard to notice a difference on a daily basis. Those photos were great motivators," she says.

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Last Updated: December 24, 2008

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