Last updated: Mar 24, 2009
These great ingredients not only boost flavor—theyll help you lose stomach paunch, too.

  • Ginger contains healthy compounds (gingerols) that ease stomach bloat.

  • Parsley is a natural diuretic that keeps water retention in check. Enjoy the fresh, herbal flavor it adds to lunches and dinners.

  • Peppermint delivers a compound called menthol, which relaxes the intestines and keeps your stomach from pooching.

  • Pineapple not only adds juicy sweetness to your meals but also contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that helps break down food to reduce bloating.

  • Sea salt has a cleaner taste than regular table salt, so you can use less to flavor your food—and that means less water retention and puffiness.

  • Yogurt boasts good bacteria (probiotics), which help you stay regular. It may cut gas and bloating, too.