Last updated: Nov 09, 2009
This week was tough. I was distracted and failed to order my groceries, so my eating was erratic and didnt always follow the plan. Not good at all. It appears that at this stage, I still need to have a plan and a routine to stick to, because I cant be trusted when the hunger pains strike.

I think I was flustered because I had houseguest and a wedding that included four separate meals! Between the poor choices I made this week and my not-so-stellar diet last week, the scale has been stuck on the same number. And although Im pretty ticked off at myself about that (lets face it, Im peeved), I did have a few small victories along the way, which I guess I should mention.

  1. I completed my first workout in which the trainer kept me moving all of the time. I cant remember what she called it, but basically it meant that between the strength exercises, I had to remain active by doing squats, lunges, leaps, jumping jacks, etc. The music soundtrack in the gym helped to keep me moving. (Nothing like the Jackson 5 to keep things upbeat and fun.)

  • A friend of mine belongs to the same gym and weve agreed to meet there twice a week to work out together. Despite my hectic schedule, we managed to pull it off this week and have already scheduled two days for next week! Im psyched.

  • The four wedding events offered absolutely delicious food, but I managed to keep my portions under control! Ive finally gotten the hang of eyeballing the appropriate servings that I should be consuming and making sure that I put a variety of things on my plate. I was very satisfied with simply sampling 1/8 or 1/4 cup of a few tasty things and then having a larger portion (1 cup) of fresh vegetables or salad. All in all, it worked out well...until they started serving the wine. But Ill leave it at that.

  • The week ended on a good note because I got my act together and ordered my groceries. I also spent an hour cleaning my fridge (removing shelves and washing everything down), so when the groceries came, I felt like I could make a fresh start after the last two rocky weeks. Im back on track and determined to get that scale to move or there will be hell to pay!