Last updated: Feb 20, 2010
Heather Weston
Our feel great women have come a long way (61 pounds down!) in just five months—and now their wardrobes are catching up.

After all, looking better in your clothes (and getting to step out in new styles) is a major pound-dropping perk—and even a small loss can make a big difference in how clothes look.

Here, stylist Paul Petzy shares the secret to finding clothes that fit and flatter at any size.


Heather Weston

Fatou Kine Dieye: 33, Architect and director of graduate-student affairs at Columbia University
Height: 5' 10 1/2"
Goal weight: 165 lbs
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Fatou says: "I havent worn anything sleeveless in years, but now Im ready to show off my arms!"

Paul says:

  • "The belt on this top is tied just above Fatou's natural waistline, which draws attention to the smallest part of her torso.”

  • "Ruffles at the neckline draw the eye up without adding unwanted volume, and they also help make her shoulders look more petite than skinny straps would."

  • "The flowy fabric of this top skims over the body rather than clinging to it, hiding any flaws."

  • "The slight flare of these jeans helps balance out the top and bottom of her legs."

  • Starting Current Loss to Date
    Weight: 223 lbs 196 lbs 27 lbs
    Waist: 35" 31" 4"
    Hip: 49" 46" 3"
    Body Fat: 36% 26% 10%


    Heather Weston

    Deanna Verbouwens: 39, Full-time mom
    Height: 5' 3"
    Goal weight: 145 lbs
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    Deanna says: “I crave clothes that fit my body and show my curves."

    Paul says:

    • "If you carry extra pounds around your middle, trouser-cut jeans with a higher waist provide some tummy control, and the wider leg gives a balanced look."

  • "The ruching, or gathers of fabric, on this top helps camouflage problem areas."

  • "Sleeves that flutter off the shoulder, instead of clinging to the upper part of the arm, are slenderizing."

  • "Peep-toe shoes make Deannas legs look longer—that bit of exposed toe really makes a difference."

  • fashion-makeover

    Heather Weston

    Dress off the pounds
    Fashion pro Paul Petzy shares his five golden rules for looking sleek, no matter what your body type.

    • Upgrade your bra. Go in for a proper fitting. A bra that fits well creates more space between the bottom of your breasts and your waist, which is instantly slimming.

  • Spanx a lot. Dont be ashamed of shapewear—even Jessica Alba wears Spanx. It smooths you out and takes 10 pounds right off.

  • Lighten up. Dress your bottom half in darker colors, your top half in lighter ones—it will draw the eye up to put focus on your face (versus your tummy, butt, or legs).

  • Downsize. When you wear your clothes too big, you look so much bigger than you actually are, so choose pieces that fit.

  • Become BFFs with your tailor. Extra tailoring will always make clothes look better. Ensure that waistbands dont gap and pants are hemmed properly. (Pants should cover the top part of your foot without dragging on the ground.)

  • Starting Current Loss to Date
    Weight: 190 lbs 171 lbs 19 lbs
    Waist: 42" 38" 4"
    Hip: 48" 45" 3"
    Body Fat: 33% 25.5% 7.5%


    Heather Weston

    Alana Campbell: 28, Associate producer-director for sports television
    Height: 6' 0"
    Goal weight: 170 lbs
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    Alanna says: "I'm dying to have a pair of skinny jeans actually fit well!"


    Heather Weston

    Paul says:

    • "The deep V really opens up Alannas neckline, drawing your eyes up to her face."

  • "The hem of this top, which rises slightly in the center, helps nip in her waist."

  • "Pairing dark jeans with a black knee-length boot creates one long, lean, line."

  • "The stiletto heel elongates her legs even more. Heels make you stand up straighter and have better posture, which is instantly slimming."

  • Starting Current Loss to Date
    Weight: 190 lbs 175 lbs 15 lbs
    Waist: 32" 29" 3"
    Hip: 43" 40.5" 2.5"
    Body Fat: 30.5% 24.5% 6%