Recipe of the Day: Miso Chicken with Brown Rice

‘Healthy Chinese food’ is somewhat of an oxymoron -- and for good reason. Even when we avoid the obvious no-nos (fried wontons anyone?) the average takeout menu is mired with potential diet landmines.

Recipe of the Day: Light French Onion Soup

Piping hot French onion soup is a wintertime classic, the perfect antidote to those bone-chilling January nights. Problem is, restaurant versions aren’t exactly nutritious -- in fact, they’re usually topped with enough bread and melted cheese to serve three people.

Recipe of the Day: Savory Beet Soup

How do you feel about beets? Most people love them or hate them, and we happen to be in the ‘love’ camp. If you’re with us, then you’ll go crazy for this healthy soup recipe. While most recipes play up the natural sweetness of these pink veggies, this recipe combines them with potatoes, chicken broth, olive oil and lemon for savory results that are surprisingly delicious.

The Most Surprising High-Fiber Foods

Despite its popular association with trips to the restroom, fiber is no joke. The benefits of an efficient bowel aside, a high-fiber diet can also reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension, and heart disease. Unfortunately, fiber consumption is currently at an all-time low, with less than three percent of Americans meeting the recommended intake.

Recipe of the Day: Red-Lentil Hummus

How do vegetarians get their daily dose of protein? One answer is red lentils. Just one cup of this small but mighty legume contains most of your daily recommended protein and fiber.

Recipe of the Day: Leek and Broccoli Tartlets with Pancetta

Need a festive appetizer to your next party? For a healthier take (no more deep-fried hors d'oeuvres!), try this recipe for Leek and Broccoli Tartlets with Pancetta.