Seriously, people, why are we not surprised...

A new study from researchers at Penn State offers yet another example of how men and women differ, by taking a close look at how the two groups respond to the food they eat—specifically, super-spicy grub.

Turns out, most women seek out the hot stuff for the adventurous taste sensation. Men, meanwhile, are more likely to chow down for an entirely different reason: namely, to create a totally bad-ass image (as in “Duuude—I cannot believe you destroyed that entire plate of blazing Buffalo wings! You are a freakin’ beast! Chest bump!”).

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Researchers surmise that, not unlike beer-funneling or working a backyard grill, “the cultural association of consuming spicy foods with strength and machismo has created a learned social reward for men.”

Allow us to translate the psych-speak: Women will dive full-force into a jalapeño pepper because they genuinely like the way it tastes. Guys on the other hand (bless their little hearts) may gulp down mucho caliente grub—even if they hate the heat—to impress their like-minded, lug-headed pals.

Interesting, right? Usually we’re the ones who have to fake it.

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