Say you're at a bar and you're hungry. What should you order? While these sauce-drenched nibbles aren't rabbit food by any means, eating a whole order of wings is a better choice than a platter of nachos, which can weigh in at 1,340 calories and 27 grams of saturated fat—or more! "You're taking fried carbs and piling on high-fat toppings," says Stephanie Middleberg, RD, a New York City nutritionist. "Even if you share them, it's hard to keep track of a proper portion."

An order of wings, however, holds fewer surprises: Eight with blue cheese and celery are about 850 calories and 14 grams of saturated fat. And you're less likely to blow through them, since gnawing even one wing takes time and effort. The low-cal celery sticks also help fill you (though dip sparingly into the fatty blue cheese dressing). Bonus: Looking at the bones left on your plate may make you eat less, research suggests.

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