If you've been trolling the Internet looking for recipes and ideas lately, you may have seen this concoction: Yep, it's a 5-layer "cake" (4? 5? Maybe 6?) made of pepperoni pizza, originally posted on pizza-crust-maker Pillsbury's web site.

We certainly can appreciate the engineering of this monster as much as the next person. But seeing this "cake" just made us wonder: Why? Isn't one layer of pizza perfectly delicious, and not such a big time suck to make? Plus, we think pizza is enough of a treat as one layer, without stacking multiple pies on top of each other, just because you can.

You may have already Tweeted, Pinned, and Liked the pizza cake, but when it comes time to prepare an actual dinner, we suggest making one of these 15 Easy Pizza Recipes Under 400 Calories. They're simple and, you know, not horrible for you. Buon Appetito!

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