Live in New York and crave avocado toast? You’re not alone. Reside in California and order Chinese Chicken Salad every time you lunch? Get in line.

Foursquare, the popular dining and entertainment review app, recently crunched the numbers to figure out the most "disproportionately popular" food in each state based on their search data, and then created this neat interactive map with the help of Mapbox. Check it out below.

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First things first: there are the picks that weren’t surprising. Maryland loves crab cakes, Maine folks are lobster fans, Nevada can’t stop ordering bottle service (a skew brought on by Vegas partiers, no doubt), and Pennsylvania is, of course, into cheesesteaks.

But what we really need to talk about is the fact that Colorado is apparently obsessed with chile rellenos, and Indiana with lemon rice soup. Meanwhile, Kansas loves cherry limeade, and Tennessee can't get enough of banana pudding. (Centreville, Tennessee even hosts a banana pudding festival, it turns out.)

Finally, the “is that really a thing?” award goes to toasted ravioli (all the rage in Missouri), which is really more like fried ravioli. Apparently I don’t get out much, because even Olive Garden has toasted beef and pork ravioli on their menu, and I had no idea what it was.

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And sorry to all the Minnesotoans out there. I had to Google your clear winner: the Juicy Lucy burger, which is different from a basic cheeseburger in that there’s cheese inside the actual burger patty as well as on top of it. To a nutritionist or anyone who has ever dieted ever, I’m sure this sounds like a nightmare. But I get it. It also sounds delicious.

Click around Foursquare's interactive map to see if you fall in line with the tastes of your neighbors. And if you don't, could it be worth a move? As much as I love avocado toast, I am also suddenly yearning for prickly pear—perhaps I should re-locate to Arizona...

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