Just as your meals tend to get warm and cozy when the temperature starts to dip, so should your cocktails. After a long day at the office (or chasing the kids), settle down with a warm cup of this Spiced Coffee topped with Cinnamon Whipped Cream—yes please!

This recipe is courtesy of star chef Giada De Laurentiis, who is mostly known for her delicious Italian dishes, but apparently has just as much talent when it comes to delectable sips.

While the name makes this drink sound complicated, it basically boils down to (pun intended) a simple syrup of water, sugar, and a few other seasonal spices added to a cup of coffee.

The amaretto, or almond-flavored liqueur, is where things get just the right amount of interesting. No flavor is more powerful than the other, and you get a fantastic fall season feeling with every sip. The whipped cream is just a bonus. (Feel free to eliminate this topping if you are trying to cut calories, but we recommended a little dollop to treat yourself!)

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