You may have heard that certain foods act as metabolism boosters, allowing you to burn fat faster. While that's sort of true: some eats do in fact torch more calories than others, it doesn't really make much of a difference when it comes to weight loss—at most a couple pounds a year. But hey, sometimes even the tiniest tweaks can be helpful.

Here are three safe, healthy, metabolism-raising eats:

When you drink ice cold, zero-calorie water your body actually burns calories to keep you warm.

The caffeine in coffee may cause metabolic changes that result in a slight uptick in calories burned. (Note of caution: it's not enough to make up for loading up your java with sugar, though.)

And finally, yes, adding a little spice adds some very real burn: it heats up your body, so you torch more calories.

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With additional reporting by Hallie Levine