A farmer in California is hoping to make a killing off some freaky pumpkins: They have a Frankenstein face. Called "pumpkinsteins," they're selling for as much as $125. They're organic, too, although whether anyone would actually want to consume a $125 pumpkin is dubious. (You should definitely eat the kind you get at your local pumpkin patch—pumpkins are a superfood, filled with vitamin A and fiber.)

The pumpkins are created with molds; farm owner Tony Dighera told ABC News that the machine used to make them costs $100,000, and he has two.

Yeah, I'd like one for my doorstep but I don't think I'll be adding one to my shopping cart at Cinagro Farms' website—the price tag is just too scary for something the overly bold squirrels in my neighborhood would gnaw on. (And of course I'd want to show it off on my front porch: I'd win my neighborhood's Battle of the Halloween displays!)

Still, it's fun to muse on the possibilities. Imagine pumpkins in the shape of the politicians, celebrities, and personalities we all like to poke fun at. Justin Bieber pumpkin head, anyone?

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