Starbucks has stepped up the latte--again. The coffee giant released a new beer-flavored coffee drink called the dark-barrel latte. This nonalcoholic brew gets its Guinness-like taste from a stout-flavored syrup and dark caramel drizzle. It's also available in a frappuccino.

The flavor was described as "like a beer but with espresso" by one taster on Twitter.

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The catch? You'll probably have to travel to try out this new beverage. For now, it's only being tested in certain locations in Ohio and Florida.

People have had mixed reviews when it comes to this new kind of latte. "The dark barrel latte at Starbucks literally tastes like drinking a Guinness in the early yuck" says one tweet, while another one said it tastes "just like beer & I might be in love."

Starbucks said the new flavor was "inspired by the rise of craft beers" and that the taste is meant to mimic a "roasted malt flavor."

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The company has also made news recently for its new 10-ounce "mini" Frappuccino size, which is being tested in select stores in Denver and Houston, and for its plans to open an express store in New York City next year.