How do you feel about beets? Most people love them or hate them, and we happen to be in the ‘love’ camp. If you’re with us, then you’ll go crazy for this healthy soup recipe. While most recipes play up  the natural sweetness of these pink veggies, this recipe combines them with potatoes, chicken broth, olive oil and lemon for savory results that are surprisingly delicious.

Make a batch to have on hand for a warm light lunch or afternoon pick-me-up. With just 74 calories per serving, it’s the perfect winter detox dish.

To make this even better for you, swap out the sour cream for Greek yogurt. You’ll save on calories and fat, but you still get that pretty swirl of pink and white when you stir it in!

Ingredients: chicken broth, olive oil, chopped onion, beets, potatoes, bay leaves, lemon juice, reduced-fat sour cream, salt, pepper, water

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