At, we can’t sing the praises of avocado enough. We want to use it to make salad dressing, cocktails, even face masks,—you name it, we’ve got a healthy recipe swapping in an avocado for cream, butter, oil, or eggs. Why wouldn’t we, when the mild-flavored superfood provides healthy fats, appetite-satiating fiber, vitamins K, B6, E, and C?

But our favorite avocado creation yet is this glorious avocado frosting—it’s fudgy, low in sugar, and super versatile. So, if you’re a Nutella nut trying to cut calories, watch this video for a list of delicious foods that pair perfectly with this guilt-free option—or let your imagination run wild and let us know how YOU like to eat it.

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Toast: Take a slice of your favorite type of bread, toast it, and smear the frosting on. Add a few banana slices and blueberries for an extra boost of potassium and vitamin C and E.

Fruit: Craving a midnight snack? Make a fruit plate for dipping. Slice up an apple and add some high-in-antioxidant strawberries to the party. These superfoods are nutrient-rich and delicious!

Brownies: Brownies are amazing on their own, but adding a gooey frosting takes it to the next level. Layer on this avo-sensation for a healthier, replacement spread.

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Cookies: Any Oreo-lover will tell you—the best part about a crème-filled cookie is the middle. Make a class A whoopie pie by sandwiching our nutrient-rich frosting between two cakey chocolate cookies. Whoopee!

S’mores: Backyard camping isn’t complete without scary stories and s’mores. Replace the traditional chocolate square with our spread. The kids won’t notice if you don’t tell them.