Pinterest is best known for its beautiful images. The social-media site is basically a one-question test: What is most aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Winners will get the clicks, repins, and likes.

There are fabulous fashions, glittering jewels, scenic vistas, and lavish rooms. But what about the food?

Well, not all food images are created equal. What makes one person salivate, can make others feel slightly queasy. Here at we tend to like our salads and superfoods, yes, but we're no purists.

Who doesn't appreciate a tasty slice of pie or chocolate-covered anything?

But then there are those boards plastered with deep-fried, butter-filled, cheese-stuffed diet wreckers. Here are some of fattiest foods we found this week. So go ahead and pin, if you must, but try to avoid actually eating this stuff!

Triple-Stuffed Pie-Cake
Apparently it goes by the name of a Cherpumple. Not only can we not pronounce it, we're not sure how one would even eat this! You're looking at a cherry pie baked into a chocolate cake, apple pie in a yellow cake, and pumpkin pie in a spice cake, all covered in frosting.

Credit: via Brandy T. on Pinterest

Bacon Wrapped Smokies with Brown Sugar and Butter
Just four ingredients is all it takes to clog your arteries and slow down digestion for while—mini hot dogs wrapped in bacon and smothered in brown-sugar butter.  Just look at the buttery grease these bites are sitting in!

Credit: via Emily on Pinterest

Deep Fried Pop-Tarts
On their own, Pop-Tarts aren't the healthiest breakfast option. But add the words deep and fried to anything, and it spells trouble.

Credit: Micah via Pinterest

Spaghetti Threaded Through Hot Dogs
Okay, so we know this combo might appeal to kids. But still--squiggly pasta coming out of cut-up hot dogs? Ick.

Credit: via Kristin on Pinterest

Cheddar, Bacon Ranch Pull-Apart Bread
Mounds of melted cheese, bacon, and ranch seasoning top this huge bread dish. Salt overload, calorie catastrophe, and an expanding waist are your parting gifts for this one.