Credit: Sweet Loren's

Don’t be fooled, at we do love to work out and eat a balanced diet, but we also believe in living a healthy, happy life--and where is happiness without dessert?

Show us someone who never, ever eats an occasional chocolate chip cookie or a warm brownie, and we’ll show you a seriously grumpy dieter.

So when Loren Brill, founder of Sweet Loren’s, dropped off some of her goodies, we couldn't resist a mid-afternoon treat.

I met Brill at a recent boot camp class, where she told me a little about her story and passion for all-natural baking.

After overcoming cancer in 2007 just after graduating from college, Brill began experimenting with wholesome baking. She says she was determined to eat a more natural diet (i.e. no processed ingredients or food dyes), but still be able to have her beloved sweets.

Out of her mother’s kitchen, after perfecting ingredients and measurements, came Sweet Loren’s, which was launched in 2010 and now supplies four different varieties of break-and-bake cookie dough, and one seriously yummy read-to-bake brownie (pan provided!).

We sampled a little of everything (hey, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!), but the Chewy Oatmeal Cranberry cookies were a favorite in the office. They had a soft texture like a fresh cookie should, but were chunky from the oats and dried cranberries. They were like a trail-mix granola bar, but more decadent and dessert-y.

Other cookie flavors include Nutty Peanut Butter Oatmeal, Heavenly Chocolate Chunk, and Bold Espresso Chunk, plus those Dark Double Fudge brownies.

What makes these treats so great:

  • Only want two cookies? Not a problem. Break and bake dough comes in a re-sealable bag so you can bake as little or as many as you want.
  • Made with unrefined ingredients, 100% whole-grains, and natural sweeteners
  • Dairy-free with zero preservatives
  • Convenient and read-to-bake
  • Homemade taste without all the hassle and mess

You can find Sweet Loren's products at select locations of Whole Foods, ShopRite, and Zabar's in the NYC, Connecticut and New Jersey areas, as well as some local specialty stores. Can't make it to one of these spots? No worries! You can also purchase online at