One of the best strategies for healthy, sustainable eating is choosing fresh, local ingredients. But as we all know, it can be challenging to locate in-season produce from nearby growers without putting in some major effort. That’s why Natalie Chanin, founder of the sustainable lifestyle and clothing company Alabama Chanin took it upon herself to provide local foods to her community.

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Because her grandparents grew and raised all of their own food, Chanin knew what quality ingredients tasted like from a young age. When she got older, however, it was harder to find sources of locally grown foods. Chanin’s solution to the problem: she started growing her own!

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Eager to share healthy meals with the world—or at least Florence, Alabama—Chanin opened a café inside of her clothing store. The creative café offers unique and delicious takes on classic Southern dishes, using all local, in-season ingredients. The menu changes daily based on the time of year, as the head chef (also Chanin’s son) resourcefully translates available ingredients into delicious meals.

Watch this video to see Chanin’s inspiring story come to life, and learn more about the importance of eating local.